Cannot get out of my building because of rubberbanding

**Game mode: Online private
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type: PVE
**Region: America

Since earlier this week I experience extreme rubberbanding but it got worst this morning, I can’t even get out of my building. The issue occur when I try to get through a doorway or a gate. I cannot jump either, the game receive the jump command but the toon doesn’t jump higher than an inch and this happens everywhere, not only in doorways.

The server is hosted on my personal machine which has a LOT of resources left. I tried a tracert just to be sure and of course there is only 1 jump at 1ms so lag is out of the way. There is no mod installed and I left almost all server config by default except the password and I shut purge down.

I did a repair of local files twice in Steam. First time got a corrupted file but second time everything was ok. My GPU (2080 Ti) driver is up to date

I did read some post of other peoples who had the same problem in the last February and Funcom pushed a hotfix that people told solved the problem but it seems it’s back. It is strange because I’ve been playing for almost a month on my server and never had any rubberbanding issue until I think last thursday. The last hotfix occured on october 2nd so about a week before the problem started, can it be related?

Any advice

Ok I tried again a couple of minutes ago and finally it is not just in doorways, it occurs everywhere, I’m stuck right in the middle of a room

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