[pc-Official Eu PVE GP 1017] Rubberbanding

Game mode: Official Gportal 1017 PVE
Problem: Bug | Performance

I started Rubberbanding/lagging on one official server a day ago. Right now the server has 80ping. Doesnt seem too much. My internet speed/ping stat isnt showing any problem that would cause anything like this. The thing is that its getting worse. yesterday it was just on a few building pieces. now its on all of them. If im walking on a normal flat ground then its awesome. as soon as im walking on any of my building pieces or on any ground that is not flat my sharacter starts to rubberband. The only way to walk through them is to roll on the ground and dodge through them. Its pretty annoying. tired restarting the game, my computer, verifying game file integrity. None of them worked.

The thing is. Not everyone on the server has this issue. And this is a bit strange. 3-4 out of the 30-40 people.

I think is has something to do with the area you’re in. Maybe we all need to be reporting the location co-ords. I had this issue yesterday at the bottom/south of the Mek-Kamosis Spire. There is another spot to the east of the Pirate ship that I have found.

Keep jumping about in different direction and sometimes you’ll get bast it, other times you need to log off the server and rejoin. One of these normally break me free from it.