BUG - Intermittent persistent rubberbanding on official servers

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug | Misc
Server type: PVE
Region: Desert/River/Highlands

The issue is intermittent and is completely random but several people on server #1502 have encountered the issue.
You will be walking/jogging along and it appears if your character will bounce into an invisible wall and not be able to move outside of a small area. If you are in a building, you will not be able exit the building successfully when at the walk or jog speed.

If multiple people are playing from the same internet connection, it will not affect others at the same time. You can crouch-walk through the rubberbanding spot, then after a few moments, you can jog or sprint for a minute, then the game will start rubberbanding again.

Interesting side effect of this - when this occurs and you start sprinting after crouch-walking through the rubberbanding, endurance does not drain at all. (Of course, you can only sprint for a few moments until the rubberbanding starts again, so it’s moot.)

(This is how I got back to my base the 2nd time it happened.) When the rubberbanding is occurring, it’s nearly impossible to fall or climb up/down cliffs.

My sons and I were at our base in the highlands region and they were not affected at all, so I don’t think it would be internet issues. All of our gaming PCs are on 1g Ethernet, no WiFi.

Solution: Removing your bracelet
Seriously, this is the only way I’ve found to ‘solve’ the issue. I’ve tried exiting to the menu, exiting the game client, restarting my computer, restarting my router all to no avail.

I have no steps to reproduce – the issue has occurred for me twice since the 12/10 patch.
It appears to be completely random.

I’m a devops engineer, and while I’ve not done game programming this seems to be a synchronization issue between the game client and server since removing the bracelet seems to resolve it, crouch-walk lets you move through the environment albeit slowly, and you can still fight mobs, and you can’t climb up/down.

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I can confirm this as I play on the same server (Official PvE 1502, Americas). Here’s a video I recorded demonstrating the problem. You may note that it seems worse in my base than on open ground, and that I frequently had to do a dodge/roll not to get rubberbanded:

The troubleshooting steps I took were:

  • restart the game — no effect
  • restart Steam — no effect
  • reboot PC and router (no other streaming or Internet apps/sites were experiencing issues, ping was solid) — no effect
  • sign out of Steam and login as my other account — everything was normal

Now, the only thing unusual that I can think of on my primary account is that when I signed-out earlier in the day, I did so on the central “porch” of an animal pen as opposed to on the bed in my base like I normally do.

Got this on PS4 the other night. especially when trying to move from water to land and vice versa. Like there was a barrier bewteen the water and land i couldn’t cross.

Hey there,

Did the new hotfix help alleviate this issue?


I haven’t experienced it since taking that video… which was a couple days before the hotfix.

That said, I haven’t heard anyone complaining of it since today’s hotfix, and the server has been quite busy this afternoon/evening. So I’d say that’s a positive sign, if nothing else.

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Thank you for letting us know and we’re so glad that we could alleviate the issue. Please don’t hesitate to let us know should it arise again. Slay safe! :slight_smile:


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