Buggy Cutscenes

Following cutscenes are glitchy:

Zone SC, NPC Annabel Usher, Mission “The strange Boat House in the Mist”
Sequence will have a noticeable hiccup when Annabel stops talking and Montag joins the conversation. The subtitles won’t move anymore then, but are stuck on Usher’s last line. The synchronisation is off as well after that.

Zone SC, NPC Kyra Dexter (Red’s Bait & Tackle), Mission e.g. “Ami Legend”
The row of teeth is clipping through the kid’s face. Same issue occured after Beaumont threw us out of the deep shaft and Ami and the girl found us lying on the ground. So I guess it is more an issue with her character model.


Zone SC
When entering Red’s Tackle for the first time through Dawning of an Endless Night, that scene is also bugged. It also has some kind of hiccup and doesn’t recover from that anymore. Since this is a story sequence, I find it more urgent, than the other two.


I can confirm both bugged too, but I’m getting used to find so many bugs in the game.

Other NPCs have bugged mouths also. Sarah, for example, looks like she had an awful botox filling in her lips and the botox is trying to escape while she talks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMrFlj8Q45Y

Don’t get me started on our boss fight lady from Africa and Jung from Kaidan. Yeah, something really went wrong in some departments^^ Thanks for confirming btw. Unless we don’t report bugs, there isn’t even the chance that someone can look into this. Sure, I’m used to a lot of bugs, but that shouldn’t mean we should keep them to ourselves :slight_smile: