[BUGS?] All the Leyshrine Altars in my servers are LOCKED

The altars all worked the last time I checked. But since this morning my players have been complaining that they can’t use none of them and have been waiting all day just in case those altars need cooldowns? :sweat_smile:

I restarted my server twice but the issue remain unchanged. Does anyone have the same problem? How can you fix it. :pleading_face:

Sorry I cant upload a picture. The altars are locked with no owner. :sob:

If you have any further details, please post them in this thread:

I can confirm this. I have a PVE server. Maelstroms are enabled, spawning elder things is enabled, siege elder things are disabled. Ignore Container Ownership is DISABLED. The only mod in use is Pippi.

  1. I approached a leyshrine on my admin character who belongs in a clan.
  2. The Focus Alter Base said “Locked” “No Owner”.
  3. I went into Server Settings and put a check in “Ignore Container Ownership”
  4. The Focus Alter Base said “Open” “No Owner”
  5. I disabled “Ignore Container Ownership”
  6. The Focus Alter Base said “Locked” “No Owner”

Anyone in a clan on Isle of Siptah cannot use the leyshrines so generate a surge.

Yes, I would have thought that this would be fixed by now but hopefully in the next hotfix.

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