Bugs from the last update


Single player:
Bug: *
PS4 slim:

Bug Description:

Siptah : No foals on expected zone, lotus potion extremely slow to craft and disappear from the alchemist if you leave to do anything else, npc killed by truncheon.
Exile land : Cannot create thralls on the admin panel. Blunt Arrows kills npcs while truncheon is normal.

Expected Behavior:

None of this

Steps to Reproduce:

Potion : leave to do anything while potion is crafting.

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There are generally several foals around the western leyshrine. The Demon, I believe.

Potions have a short life. They will expire and go away after a few minutes, so if you leave and come back, the potion will be gone.

I can’t help you with the other. I don’t use the admin panel.


Yellow lotus potion should be avoided due to wiping feats you have learned around the world. Are you using a weak bow otherwise you can kill thralls with blunt arrows.

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