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I have purchased the isle of siptah dlc. when i go into crafting inventory

  1. Killer Grey Rhinocerous

  2. Savage Grey Rhinocerous

  3. Purebred Rhinocerous
    all three of these are not showing the required items that are needed to produce and will not let you produce them from the crafting inventory.

  4. The wartorn rhino does not show up anywhere and when you go to the admin panel it says: Failed spawning 1 x game item 1452.
    The other dlc pets in the crafting inventory shows what fodder is needed but does not show what animal is needed for it.

  5. I can make seasalt fodder in the alchemist bench but it is not spawnable in the admin panel

  6. wartorn fodder is not accesible through any of the alchemical benches or the admin panel.

  7. The only rhino mount that can be produced in game so far is the grey rhinocerous. We have only been able to find a few baby rhinos. Grey rhinos and a few white rhinos are the only ones that have produced in the animal pen. Siptah Rhino calves, Black rhino, greater rhino, purebred grey rhino, purebred white rhino, savage, black,white and grey, killer white rhino, purebred black rhino are only accessible through the admin panel

  8. the maelstrom settings are buggy. If i put it as time restricted say between 1700 and 2359 the maelstrom will not be active at all.

  9. In the vaults the npcs are glitchy and at most times they will show as still fighting when they are dead.

  10. When a boss is spawned at the pools of the grey ones, it can show as the boss floating away from the pool for some, and fighting for others

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The camp The tiune Grave, the thralls have a health bar but no name

Hi @BlackRose1 and thank you for sharing this information with us.

We’ve passed this over to the rest of the team so that they can look into it further.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigate.

Make sure to search for “Sea Salted Fodder” in the admin panel. If “seasalt” is searched for there will be no results as there is a space between sea and salted. Please let us know if you continue to have difficulties finding it.

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