Siptah Rhinos Fodder Possible ID Failure

Game mode: [ Single Player/Should be applicable to all live versions]
Type of issue: [ Bug]
Server type: [ PVP/all]
Region: [ North America ]
Hardware: PS4pro

Bug Description:

When crafting a Black Rhino into any of the new Siptah skins (Killer/Savage/Purebred) the resulting K/S/P Black Rhino does not have stats consistent with a standard Black Rhino. Standard Black Rhinos have 1500ish hp at lvl 0, crafted Siptah skin ones have 1050ish. There is a significant discrepancy in armor as well. This is not the case for Grey or White Rhinos. When converted to Siptah skin Rhinos they have identical stats with hp around 1100. It seems as though Siptah skin Black Rhinos are in a different and weaker category than any other rhinos, including Caravan Rhinos. I checked and the new converted Black Rhinos stats arent the same as actual Siptah Rhinos(Woolys) or Tuskbeasts either, both are sub 1000hp at lvl 0.

Expected Behavior:

I expect Siptah skinned Black Rhinos to maintain their stats when converted from a standard Black Rhino. This is the case for all Grey and White Rhinos when they are converted to a Siptah skin.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Place 2 Rhino Calfs in Animal Pen and feed bark
2. Praise Mitra when you are blessed with two Black Rhinos
3. Place one Black Rhino
4. Craft the other to a cool new skin and place it next to standard Black Rhino (Killer is my fav)
5. Wonder why your cool new Rhino has less hp and armor than the old and busted Rhino
You can also just hop into admin mode and spawn a Black Rhino and a Killer/Savage/Purebred Black Rhino and compare to save time.

If it is intended that this be the case when converting Black Rhino to the new skins I apologize for any time wasted. Thanks!


Thank you for your report. Currently, all creatures lose the greater stat and characteristics in order to apply the new appearance.

However, we will forward your message to the team and ask for their evaluation regarding this matter.

Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the response! I found your reply interesting and wanted to review what I found before responding. These are all at level 0.

                HP - AR
  • Grey Rhino: 1174 - 93
  • K/S/P Grey Rhino: 1174 - 93
  • Caravan Rhino: 1174 - 93
  • White Rhino: 1174 - 93
  • K/S/P White Rhino: 1174 - 93
  • Black Rhino: 1521 - 293
  • K/S/P Black Rhino: 1043- 87
  • Greater Rhino : 2981 - 324
  • Siptah Rhino : 991- 81
  • Greater Sip Rhino : 2981 - 324
  • Tuskbeast : 911 - 81
  • Greater Tuskbeast : 2981 - 324

As you can see something odd is happening with Black Rhinos on conversion. Its not just that they are being reverted to Grey or White Rhinos. (K/S/P White Rhinos and Black Rhinos DO share the same model interestingly) They are actually worse in stats to both the Grey and White. It does not appear that they are in the same category as any other set of Rhinos based on the data available to me.

Furthermore, I tested greater pets from both the Pictish DLC and Yamatai DLC. In both cases I found that standard greater pets and their fodder converted counterparts had identical stats. A greater Sabercat has a starting HP of 1836 and AR of 104. The fodder crafted Yamatai Greater Sabercat has HP 1836 and AR of 104. This was the same across all the different greater pets of the DLCs. Maybe I am missing something.

It could very well be the case that this is intended, however based on the data above I cannot derive a design philosophy that would be consistent with intention. I do not have the whole of the picture though and am open and eager to receive any clarity on the subject. I apologize if this response is arduous, just doing my best to be thorough for the team. Thanks!

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