Age of Bugs (rhino mounts, isle of siptah, and pets/enemies)

The horn attack for the rhino now does 0 damage to anything. The charge attack still works well but horn attack is like standing still. It literally killed my rhino trying to gore a komodo dragon…
Also most of the textures are not showing up… rhinos, elephants, greater shalebacks and most pets that have an alternative skin are literally not there… I had pictures but for some reason… “New users can’t upload images” like I spent money on this and y’all break it more, and more… Idk… what kind of “Good Stress” you guys want… Y’all are not FromSoft. Stop trying to pose new challenges when the biggest challenge is obviously keeping the game from completely breaking when y’all update the game.
Also I need a refund for isle of siptah… I can not even load into the game with out it crashing on the load screen. I tried to do a full reinstall after AoW dropped cause half my base was gone already so I wanted to see if trying the map I bought last week would have something… And no it just crashes on the load screen… to say I’m upset over this update would be an understatement

Greetings @Briand337 ,

Can you let us know if you play on an official server, or a private one?

I have also bumped your forum rights, so you should be able to add screenshots.
Can you share the screenshots related to the textures not showing up?

Regarding the Isle of Siptah this is also happening on an official or private server? Does it crash on the middle of accessing the server, or right after finishing loading? If an error message shows up after the crash, please send us a screenshot of that message as well so we can share it with the development team.

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Thank you for your assistance,
Single player, so private server.

I’m also in a Single player server experiencing in Texture problems with all Elephents and some Rhinos being invisible, in my headcannon I’m placeing it as the Sorcerer spell failed and instead made some animals invisible but that does not mean I want it to stay that way, if you guys could look into it, myself as well as many other would be very greatful for a fix soon! Thanks!! :grinning:

Thank you for sharing this is with us!

I’ve forward it to the development team so they can investigate. :slight_smile:

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I have deleted Conan from my console, no customer support even when you loose everything due to bugs and or server issues, constant server connection problems, only get automated replies when emailing for support due to loss caused by bugs or. Worst customer support I have ever experienced from all games I have played. I am definitely not supporting funcom or their affiliate s ever again. I am so disappointed. If you loose stuff due to game bugs or servers in other games I have played, you get replies to emails and even reimbursement of goods armour and weapons lost from other game developers. Disgusted in funcom!