Feedback for Isle of Siptah for Devs

I love Isle of Siptah , just giving some feedback i think would be viable in the future so hopefully the devs see this. The animations added to the game are superb, i love the fact that you can now use potions and theres an animation for it. I hope somewhere down the line this can also be used on mounts. Thats my biggest problem right now, not being able to drink potion on mounts. Another fix i hope comes is the combat with rhino’s sometimes you can get stuck in their face (the horn area) and cant roll out or anything. You have to kill them but when they die they also somtimes fly all the way in the sky due to physics. This the only animal i know on the game so far that does that. Other than that i like Isle of Siptah and hopefully more content and changes are added in the future. Really hope there will be a magic system added at some point.

Another thing I found with Rhino mounts: if a critter say a Hyena leap attack, it will go under the Rhino then Rhino stands on the Hyena… literally, super light Rhino with rider standing on a Hyena like a Disney movie.

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