Isle of Siptah Bug: Tuskbeast

**Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug.
Server type: PvE
**Region: North America

I tamed what was called a Siptah Rhinoceros Calf or close to that and when it came out it was a special type of Rhino called a Tuskbeast but there is NO slot to put a saddle on it. I was so excited to use it until I saw that you could not put a saddle on it. Please fix this.

It is not a bug though, these can’t be mounted.

Got also Tuskbeast, sure its not bug ?

Two rhino calfs in two different pens, both are in the queue to make Tuskbeasts.
I believe the patch notes referenced were in regards to breeding white, grey, and black rhinos.
I don’t see anyone stating that any other steps are required for getting a calf to a full rhino. But I have seen videos of people putting their calves into the pen, it’s in the queue for a rhino, and they get a rhino.

These naming conventions are terrible. If it’s a tuskbeast, call it a tuskbeast and not a rhino.

The point I was making with this post was that its still technically a Rhino so it should have a saddle slot to use it as a mount but you cannot. I can understand the Greater Rhino somewhat but not this.

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