Painted or maked rhinos not rideable

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

This is on both, siptah and exiled lands, when u paint any rhino, example warthorn or how its right name, u just dont see saddle bar, but on clean rhinos u can see saddle place ( but looks like horse)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Paint any rhino to new one
  2. Place it
  3. U wont see free space or bar to place saddles at all

What do you mean by clean rhinos and pained rhinos? Can you post a screenshot and the name of a painted rhino that should be a mount but it is not.

The ones u feed with fodder, like warthorn and such, now they added it to be visible but when u place it on ground in its inventory there is no space for saddles… saddles are placable only on “vanilla” like when u grow up cub and instant place them on ground

The rhinos that can be used as mounts are: “grey” (killer grey + savage grey + purebred grey) + normal vanilla + wartorn (which I will double-check after the hotfix). The rest are normal fighter pets. Make sure you are using the correct ones :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: checked after the hotfix and the rhinos work as intended for me (still missing the diet, though):


EDIT2: I have been informed just now that on launch we had more rhinos that could be mounted. @Ignasi Could you please clarify?

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We are currently unable to mount any rhino but wartorn and normal grey

I still cannot ride any rhinos. the Saddle slot doesn’t show for me. Are we now supposed to be able to ride the other rhinos? like Killer Black Rhinoceros?

Tamed 2 rhinos calfs. Got two white rhinos. Made one a Pureblood White and left the other alone. Both do not have a saddle slot.

@IPL_Victim does the one you left alone look like a normal vanilla rhino?

@Raught19 Afaik, I know the rhinos with grey in their name work so purebred grey should work. I am not sure at this point what is intended and what not. I thought only normal vanilla (not the greater versions), wartorn and coloured grey (savage, purebred, killer but only the ones with grey in their names) were supposed to be mounts but I might be wrong which is why I asked Ignasis to clarify.

For me now ONLY war works, well on exile lands also the one i already saddled before but when i picked sadle , slot disappeared, today i will try again…

Oh, this is a good note. I was trying on siptah map.

Hey there,

We’ll send this feedback to our team to see if there’s an issue or if this is an unannounced change.
Thanks for the feedback.

Just to add to Rhino issue…not only can we only ride the wartorn and normal grey, The tamed rhinos also hurt other players and broken thralls on PVE. I really feel like there should be a official list, lol. Ridable rhinos made it seem like hey, all the rhinos would be ridable. We also are not able to use any weapons while riding.

suddenly 2 items spawned with weird names inside rhino…


Both rhinos, when in the animal pen were White Rhinos. I modified one into Pureblood White and placed it. When I was unable to add a saddle, I placed the other White Rhino without any changes. Also no saddle slot. The second one, aside from a lighter color looks like a normal rhino, nit that I have s gray or black nearby to compare with.

I’ve added another calf to the pen, but not yet checked to see what breed resulted or whether it will accept a saddle.

Note: thus is on a private server with mods, running the exiled lands.

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@Narelle @Ignasi
Tonight, the third rhino calf had matured into a basic rhino (no black/white color specified). I applied the wartorn fodder and placed it. The wartorn rhino accepted a saddle.

so, I guess for now I have a rhino mount with a pair of slightly larger rhino pets to follow along and get in my way.

Still, since the player cannot control whether or not the calf will mature into a regular, black, or white rhino, perhaps a new type if fodder (with clear descriptions) can be set up to allow the player to ensure the rhino is either a non-mount fighter/pet or a mount. Or, grant a means to change from non-combat mount to combat non-mount versions after placing. Please.

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