Siptah Rhino can't be mounted?

What a let down i finally got a rhino calf and waited to raise it after it completed there were no skins for my Siptah rhino and it wouldn’t accept a saddle.what a let down you’d think a rhino made for and named for the dlc wouldn’t be worthless.I may have done it wrong i can’t find anything on the new map online.Anyone know if it’s only rhinoceros the grey basic that’s mountable and do i always need the wartorn fodder or is it just a skin?

only basic rhino is mountable. even the white/black rhinos arent. but it looks badass to ride up on a rhino with a tuskbeast beside you

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heah I kinda like how they made tuskbeasts (the rhinoboar), would be cool to ride them as well, but no,
just your regular grey rhinos, feed calf highland berries while taming to get 100% chance for grey rhino

Just the regular Grey rhinos can be ridden which is a bit of a let down because the brown ones are neat looking. There are 3 different skins you can make for the grey rhinos in your inventory. Once you make it, you can’t change the style after placement.

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