Build from any sides of item

Hello! I am building with the new tree items and it would be nice if you could connect 2 bridges to eachother, maybe 3.
And when building up in the trees i make different structures then on my land based structures, so it would be good if you could connect roofs on any side of any roof. Like it is now i belive you can only connect with the base of roof if i use a wedge roof item, but i want to connect an inverted wedge with the longside of it.

Hope you understand what i mean^, on image you see that i want to put an inverted rooftop in middle + on the right. I also want to put a wedge cieling in middle but as it is now i cant.

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If I understand you correctly, basically you want for the wedge-shaped roof pieces to have stability/building sockets on the sides as opposed to just the horizontal edge. I’d be all for this as the current setup means we get illogical gaps in the rooftops of rounded towers can could otherwise be completely enclosed by a flat floor.

In otherwords, the wedge roof pieces should have sockets on all 3 sides just like ceiling wedges do. In this way, if there’s enough stability for a ceiling, there would be enough stability for a roof.

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