Building a pyramid I had a dream about

Well anyways, hello everyone. First time year at the forums as well as my first posting.

I had a dream about this pyramid so my buddy and I just started working on it so not pictures yet. It is going to be a 60x60 30 high pyramid. I did see one YouTube video of someone doing that size but it was only in sandstone and on single player.

The difference will be that my pyramid is on an official server and will be black ice on the outside and aquilion on the inside. Luckily we are grinders because we started off with the 60x60 in sand stone, then did the first two outer rings(60 and 59) in black ice to match the outer shell. We are now a few rings in one the aquilion(58, 57, 56).

Good thing we are grinders because that was the first 10 hours which so far has been about 1 million stone once the foundations are done.

I don’t really want to give away anymore details because I have a lot in store for it. I will definitely take pictures throughout the building process and also upon completion.

Don’t take this as a brag, I am just really proud of the design I have in mind. Hint: it will be called the pyramid of light.

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I think there is a fanart post somewhere. But will be cool to see it once done. This post will close in 7 days if no one posts.

But yea post it when u have a good image :smiley:

Ah ok. Guess I have to figure out the rules. Kind of crazy that they close something in 7 days. Well I guess I could do a weekly update on it with pictures. Well it shouldn’t take a full two weeks anyways but yes I will definitely send pictures

I have a 21x21 pyramid, it took about a month to build from foundations to top in tier 2. Still working on the interior. I have about 25% left of open space on the bottom level.

It is built on official and solo. Good luck with your construction.

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Really? I wouldn’t have guessed Darfari had much fiber. Plenty of protein though.

I built a 21X21 pyramid too. Three floors with useable space inside; not entirely furnished because I decided to move on and build a city instead.

Mine is just sandstone with a stonebrick exterior - but it has secret tunnels between floors.


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