Building disappeared right after upgrade (sanctum of Set)

Dear community,
Today i finally upgraded my temple of set to tier 3 (Sanctum of Set) but after upgrade was complete the building self-disappeared, leaving all its content on the ground.
NOw, I’ve put a lot of effort in fetching those materials, I just can’t accept that. I’d like an explanation and maybe a way toretrieve all those materials.
Thank you alot for help and support

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless you’re on a private server where the altar can be admin’d in, you are out of luck. The altars disappearing during the upgrade process is a currently known bug that is being looked into by the devs. If you are on official servers, there are no admins and no bug support. If that’s where you are, then it is what it is.

I believe it’s private…I’m in single player…what should i do?

If you are in single player you can go to settings - server settings - click “make me admin”. Then on the main menu (ESC for PC, whatever equivalent for PS4) you’ll get the “admin panel” where you’ll be able to spawn in a pre-built Sanctum of Set (directly as T3).

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