Building dmg disabled but still can use explosives

Hello there.
First of all I play on a official pvp server.

Two nights ago I saw a clan using explosives after the official building dmg time. They cracked a Base and took the loot. When they saw me they instand stopped placing explosive. The building dmg was already 4 hours disabled tho.

The next day the clan they have raided came online and was quite mad. There was zero log that anything was destroyed, but close to 40% of there Base was taken by the raiders I have seen.

Yesterday after raidtime (building dmg disabled ) I logged off. Now nearly all of my Base is gone.
No event log, no nothing.

How is it possible to use explosive’s while building dmg is disabled?

If I wouldn’t have seen those guys with my own eyes I wouldnt think it is possible at all.
Anyone got same problem or know how to prevent this?

I was not able to record as they stopped right away when they saw me.

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Wtf I had exactly the same onthe official pvp normal server I’m planing at.

First I thought it was a purge outside of raidtime but then I read that purges only happen while building dmg is enabled.

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