Building gates next to each other broken by building modifications?

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: None
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Gate frames cannot be placed next to each other at any angle, and cannot be placed next to walls at any angle (but walls can be placed next to gates at an angle).

Bug Reproduction:

Create 3 foundations in a row, then 2 more foundations perpendicularly at the end of the row(creating an “elbow”). Place a gate frame on 3 of the outer faces, then notice that you cannot place a gate frame on the other 3 outer faces. Same issue with wedge foundations and fence foundations.

I’ve noticed that one used to be able to make a row of 3 foundations followed by 6 wedge foundations (making a 150 degree corner) with a gate on the edge of each foundation. Placing gates has always been iffy and the recent update mentioned fixing some building placement things, but whatever was done seems to have made it impossible to place a gate on each side of this corner: it specifically says that it is overlapping when one gets the piece to click into the right place. If they are, it’s about as much as any two wall pieces with a snug fit.

I hope this is fixed soon, as it makes a circular-ish ring of gates impossible (and such a construction is a great way to get a “coliseum” look).


Moved to bug reports, as I’m pretty sure this is a bug and not intentional behavior. Gate frames cannot be built next to each other currently if they aren’t parallel: no corner intersections, as in this picture, though they still click into the right spot. Reproduction should be trivial.

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I placed a couple gates in my wife’s online Game a couple weeks ago it took several attempts to get it were it belongs rereading your ny answer wasn’t helpful. I do know gates have always been a pain in Cromsassss

To help clarify, I’ve taken a screenshot of what I’m talking about (I did not discover this in creative mode, so it’s an issue in both). All gates have this issue except for Stable fence gates.

This exact structure used to work pretty easily, and it certainly wouldn’t grey out once you got the piece to click into the right spot, so I bet this was an (unintentional) result of the late July patch.

Addendum: In fact, you can no longer place gates next to each other on any corner, you can only place gates next to each other if they are continuing in a line. I don’t see any reason why this is an improvement, and I’m surprised people haven’t complained about it.

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I have never tried to place them side by side at an angle. If that used to work and no longer does, than you will have to start getting creative because even if it’s not an intentional change, it will likely never get fixed.

A creative example: Make the sides 5 blocks each instead of 3 and place walls/door frames in between to fill in the gaps, like windows.

Best of luck to ya! :+1:

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IDK, things like this have been fixed before.
In this case I’m trying to repair this build, so I have good evidence that it was quite easy to build gates side by side:

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