Gate frames cant be placed cornering each other

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 /ps4
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands both maps
Server Name: 3125 all servers

Bug Description:

You cant place gate frames cornering to each other any more before a few updates it was still possible to place gate frames cornoring each other, but now you are unable to do so, it makes building with gate frames really challenging and really painfull on an open field, since your corners need to be build out if normal walls.

There are some other problems with the green clipping when placing them since they can be placed at so many locations, but thats manageble to work around, if you know some tricks.

Greetings Norman1!
Thank you for sharing this issue with us.

In order for us to have a better view at it, could you take a screenshot and send it to us please?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

Its a crappy picture but it shows the point,
In the blue there is our foundation grit and in the red it shows the gateframes.
But you are unable to place the gateframes like this, so that theire corners are tuching.
I cant really show it ingame cause you are unbale to place them like i said :slight_smile:

It only lets you place one of them.

Jan. 27/24 I just had same issue. Had a base put down 5×5 square with corner blocks coming off the sides three long. The arena gates(no gates) will not snap together on corners. The gates will go in both spots on there own but not together. Wasted two hours with different blocks, etc. When i finally bare boned it where I had only fence foundations as snap points it said it can not place because it was overlapping. Will only snap on together on a 90 degree corner, not on a 45 degree. I was following a youtuber build lumilight( i think) i could see when i rewatched the video the error message came in the video but he must have been using mods. Funcom use all that battle pass money to hire a comp. Dev. to fix old problems. Or shop other game developers from companies that dont have dozens of bugs lasting the entirety of the game. Like knocked out thralls disappearing into the undermess.

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