Large gate frames will not snap into place

After downloading update 1.87 large gate frames are all kinds of bugged out, they will not snap and cant be placed. They will give no foundation or collision errors and if they do show green they can not be rotated.

I have tested this on online private servers, official servers, and one player server.
This is a bug with the update.


Having same issue

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Have not tried since update will try on private servers and official tomorrow probably due them fixing stats on Stormglass

Yep. Just ran into this issue.

Not quite. I have attempted to place a gate (hardened brick) at one of the exits from my base, and the interesting part is that when it is overlapping natural terrain, it neatly snaps into place (can be at the edge of a foundation, in its center, and even at the joints of two foundations), and it fails to rotate when prompted to do so. However, attempt to move it away from the terrain, and you cannot place it.

I have attempted to put walls or stack foundations as a means to keep it away from the terrain, but to no avail. As it appears, there must be something wrong in the validation part of the placement logic as far as this particular item is concerned. I can tell for sure as far as the hardened brick variant is concerned, but I cannot confirm as far as the others are concerned as of now.

Had it on test too. But not enough people on test to confirm if it was just me.

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