Building load failure leading to client desync

Game mode: Online private (G-Portal 10 slot)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP, no mods
Region: US


Reboot server.


Upon entering the load range of a particular building, a number of updates from the server appear to stop:

  • NPCs belonging to a camp near the building (well outside land claim radius) never load in.
  • Stamina regen stops.
  • Other buildings which normally load without issue, after leaving the area, do not load at all without a relog.
  • The building in question never loads completely when logging in from within the load range, does not appear to load in at all if logging in from outside the load range and then walking or flying into range.
  • Admin teleport commands bring up the loading screen, but seemingly fail after some time only to leave the player at the affected site. The teleport command appears to execute server-side however, as relogging afterward spawns the player at the teleport destination despite the apparent failure in the previous session.
  • If logging in at the site, admin teleport from the map is not an available action (UI reflects non-admin status after executing makemeadmin)
  • Spawning items into inventory from the admin panel appears to work, but placing items in the world does not. Relogging afterwards leaves spawned items in inventory, and [correction] shows that placement attempts succeeded, despite object counts in inventory not changing - this took a couple relogging attempts to verify.

Of possible relevance: the building in question contains tiles from 4 sets - Aquilonian, Frontier, Yamatai, and Insulated Wood. A similar structure on a 70 slot private server (with mods) using only Aquilonian does not appear to have the same issues (same approximate build location, nearly identical structure).

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