Building material cost balance: North vs South

With the recent decrease in the costs for the Northern building pieces (much less resin needed), there is now a rather large discrepancy in material cost between the tier 2 and tier 3 building pieces of the North vs the South. While the North has harder purge events, it does not seem like that out weights the encumbrance needed to carry around all the stone in the dessert. I would therefore like to suggest some number tweaks using Tier 2 in the example below. Do note that the tier 3 cases become more exaggerated in costs with black ice being much easier to obtain then hardened brick. The range in material costs accounts for having a thrall (carpenter and blacksmith at high enough level).

Insulated Wooden Foundation

  1. 4 Insulated wood
    a. 4 Dry Wood
    i. 5 Bark
    ii. 2 Wood
    b. 4 Resin (which is free from making dry wood and cutting trees in North)
  2. 7 iron reinforcements
    a. 7-14 iron bar
    b. 14-28 iron ore

Total material cost for one foundation:
5 bark, 2 wood, 4 resin, 14 iron ore

Stone Brick Foundation

  1. 7 iron reinforcements
    a. 7-14 iron bar
    b. 14-28 iron ore
  2. 10 Brick
    a. 100 stone
  3. 4 shaped wood
    a. 28-40 wood

Total material cost for one foundation:
100 stone, 28 wood, 14 iron ore

Since iron requirements are the same for both North and South, let’s look into the other needed resources. Instead of shaped wood for the South, which requires 28-40 wood, insulated wood requires only needs 2 wood and 5 bark in the North (in gathering those materials the resin is a given). One balance change here could be only giving one dry wood instead of two dry wood, but that would double the bark costs as well as wood costs. I think it might be better the reduce the shaped wood needed for Stone Brick to 2 or 3.

Insulated wood does not require any stone. It is easier to only harvest trees (and uses less encumbrance) than to have to carry around 100 stone for only one building piece. I would suggest only requiring 5 bricks per Stone Brick foundation.

TLDR: It is easier to build in the North than the South, and it is unlikely the harder purges in the North will be able to balance out the material cost discrepancies

Thing of it is, you can get the materials just as easily in the south. Aside from appearance there is no difference between stone and wooden building pieces. The only major difference is that you can accumulate bricks in massive quantity compared to the north and still produce wooden parts.

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sssshhhhhhttttt… Finaly we had something and you must ruin it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sign: One Unhappy northlander if his wish is come true… :smiley:

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Haha well if it not changed I will probably be a Northlander too :stuck_out_tongue:. But would be nice to see the time commitment between the two building types somewhat equitable, especially given that the dessert area is for newer players.

A fair point Velius. Aside from the trees in the south not dropping the resin. I have also not explored the temperature effects too much, but would suspect an insulated wood house in the dessert might cause heat stroke.

Insulation works both way. (I mean it should work both way) so an insulated wooden house in a hot environments should be cooler than the outside, on the frozen north it should be warmer (given there is a fireplace in it)
also with the new stuff you can have a setup of bases in a way that you can teleport-hauling anything you want. And you can make a ton of drywood on the drier to get resin as well. (just like in the old days with the leather creation just because TAR :D)

So I wouldn’t say that it is unbalanced. You can haul stuff from and to, to the north or south.

The one thing I like this game better than ark is the material costs of the stuff. you hit a tree 3-6 times and you can have 5-10 walls from the wood you get. Opposing to this in ark you kill a whole forest to be able to make like 5 walls… And I like the conan way better. :smiley: just don’t ruin it :smiley:

It doesn’t work this way in the game.

I have tested the materials in different areas and found the temperature effects have been reduced from what they were last year.

But I have also noticed the weather system is improving with variations happening over time.
so the possibility is there, but I really doubt insulated will ever be the best choice in the southern areas.

"ingame. :smiley: "

But if not working this way in real life you would freeze to death on winters and have like 60°celsius on summers.

So yeah we need a fix for that. I mean in a full vanir set inside an insulated house with a fireplace going on my character is still at max cold on the southern edge of the snowy mountains.

But yeah I had a house just on the spot that giant spider resides now (oposing side of the brimstone case’s mountain) it was always hot. It was just a tier one mining hut but I needed to keep drinking water in a spartan armor. which labeled with a sun icon meaning it should help you in hot areas.

IDK what’s the case there after these patches. and if insulated would work or not.

I haven’t been playing, so I haven’t tested anything lately.

But the way buildings work as of the last time I tried
Insulated wood t2 and blackice reinforced wood t3 both just have a warming buff like armour.

and these effects were so reduced that I couldn’t even detect any cooling change with reinforced stone t3 or stone brick t2

I plain on returning after launch, I feel any testing done at this time would be moot.

Kinda feel the same. Although I like the idea of a total reset on launch day. That wipe is scarry a bit… :smiley:

But I did found the bug with the diagonal support strut (IDK what’s it’s name atm) and I am quite happy that I could report it and have a chance that those awesomeness will work in the game whenever the launch happened. or a hotfix after it… :smiley:Believe it or not if they work that’s game changing. you will be able to enclose ANYTHING no matter the size regardless the ability to not place pillars in the middle…

Insulation currently does not exist/has zero effect in any temperature setting. It is just flavor text at this point.

As for resin, since you now get it from drying wood and still get additional wood for feul on top of that, you can easily get enough for accent pieces/building parts in the south. I have a small T2 cabin that I am using until release that is a combination of stonebrick and insulated wood and the wood took almost no time to get materials for the wooden foundation, roof, and upper half of the risers.

the last test I ran on testlive, the temp would just tick up one notch, then drop back.
this didn’t happen in the stone buildings, but temperature didn’t continue to rise in the wood buildings
making building materials Immaterial (pardon the pun)

It’s more likely you walked past a torch/furnace/stove which would move your temperature up slightly while you were near it, then revert once you’d moved past.

Basically if you want a warmer house in the north, fill it with torches, furnaces, and hearths. May Crom have mercy on your server lag.

Nope, no chance of that, clean game, two of each tier buildings 4x4 with and without windows built in different areas two in the desert two in the north 16 in all. Built side by side just to test materials, no fire, no torch, no armor, nothing to alter temperature but the building itself,

But like I said, this effect while it would cause heat stroke back when the Frozen North first introduced the wood building mats, It will no longer, making this whole thing pointless.

But I am not wrong Building materials did matter they just no longer do

Thanks for doing a test Droch. It does seem that temperature hardly plays a role atm except for the far North.