Building no longer rendering

Since the game went full release I have had issues with my server where some buildings no longer render, they are recognised as being there as the shelter notification appears when you walk where they should be, thralls and torches hang in midair. I have been through a lengthy process of trying to fix this with my server host and we ended up reinstalling the server and then reapplying the world save but it remains the same.

My clan has built our settlement in the Highlands biome right next to the aqueduct and it appears that all buildings that will not render have something in common, either they are in contact with the aqueduct and the dam or they are right on the borders between biomes. We have buildings on top of the aqueduct and the dam not rendering, a gate and fort protecting the entrance from the Savanna not rendering, a bridge between the aqueduct and imperial highway not rendering and a wall on the border between the highland and snow biome also not rendering.

We had no issues before the full release update so we know what has caused this, any ideas how this could be fixed or if anyone else has reported this issue?

Well I can see the devs are paying attention to the bug reports, nine days and no reply, thanks Funcom, four months of building a fortified settlement ready for the purge (which turns out to be a joke) down the drain. My clan are not very happy and no longer have the desire to play after this and tbh I don’t blame them, we feel very let down.