Building upgrading

Hello all, new player here. Can you upgrade existing structures or do you have to dismantle and rebuild? ex. If you create a sandstone castle as a low level, can you upgrade it to reinforced stone without having to tear it all down and rebuild?


Yes you can.

Yes you can upgrade to higher tiers without having to dismantle … you make the higher tier building item (foundation, wall, staircase etc) … put on hot bar and place it where the current building piece is and it will replace the lower tier with the higher … and you can jump from sandstone to any tier…
(Most of the time without any issues and you will see a “demolition” explosion as the other disappears. Sometimes I’ve found that the original sandstone is still there as well as the higher tier (only with sandstone->tier 2 stonebrick piece so far). Often I can select the sandstone specifically in the overlapped pieces and demolish it alone and the stonebrick remains untouched)

Note: not sure about upgrading t3 to different types of t3 …

Thats good to hear. Thanks guys!

Pretty sure you can’t, unfortunately.

Also wish they would make the upgrading better at telling you which way the upgrade will face. For ex: Walls, fences, doorways, windows, etc. So I don’t have to waste resources or end up with a look I didn’t want but other pieces are on top of it and I don’t want it all to come crashing down!


I noticed an issue as I was upgrading a sandstone ceiling tile bridge across a river to aquilonian ceiling tiles. The sandstone tiles that were atop sandstone pillars from the riverbed stayed in place when upgraded to aquilonian tiles and showed through the aquilonian. I was able to destroy the sandstone tiles using “E” and choosing to remove the tile but had to be careful with the placement of the dot, some I had to swim under the bridge to access.

Yes you can actually. If you have for example, Black Ice reinforced pieces, you can replace with the old style reinforced T3, the Aquilonian, or the Khitan pieces. Once you place them, you can change them to any other style you see fit, so long as its T3.

Are you using LBPROE? If so, was this in a vanilla restrictive area?

Some you can. Black Ice, most of them have upgrade abilities for normal tier3 in the dev kit.

Official PVE server.
What is LBPROE? :slight_smile:
Made a bug report for this just now also.

It’s one of my mods and a bug when building in restrictive areas. Just thought I would clarify whether it was a game bug or my mod causing the issue.

Definitely not your mod in this case.

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