Replace T3 with other T3 building pieces

We’ve been getting a lot of awesome DLC, but right now the only way to replace one DLC T3 piece with another is to rip down an entire building and rebuild. It would be nice if we could just place the new building pieces over top like when upgrading T2 to T3.

Been spending several hours tearing down an Aqualonian base to replace it with Turan building pieces, and it would be much easier to do if I could just put them over top.


I’m sure this is done for a reason. Personally, the upgrade feature should do the same thing. You can’t just magically replace a section of the wall without supporting the wall above or it will collapse. Oddly enough, this game DOES have a stability feature and works well when you’re building or when getting attacked by someone or something.

I think that’s the point. It’s not supposed to be easier to do that type of cosmetic change. Though, IMHO, the upgrade material would also require a complete replacement.

What would be cool? The ability to add scaffolding or some type of support to a wall and THEN be able to replace a piece without taking down that entire column.

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No. The evidence is you actually CAN replace black ice (T3) pieces with DLC pieces, but not viceversa.

And they have the exactly same stats.

Also stability it’s not affected at all by tier of the building, only the durability of pieces (resistence vs damages) changes.

Wich is exactly what you already can do if your building is t1, t2 or t3 standard.

There’s no reason at all being able to replace a foundation in black ice in Turan but not the turan foundation with black ice or aquilonian.

I’m not even sure it was intended or a bug the fact you cannot.

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