DLC building elements cannot be replaced. Bug or feature?

You can replace Insulated Wood with Stonebrick and vice versa.
You can replace Black Ice with Reinforced Stone and vice versa.
You can even replace Black Ice with Aquilonian.
But Aquilonian cannot be replaced with anything. In fact, none of the DLC building elements cannot be replaced, either by vanilla or by other DLC elements.
Is this intended or a bug?

No one?


I am going to speak on what i think the idea behind the replace feature is…
People built in dfault T3 before DLC, and only had 2 options.
After they bought the 1st DLC, instead of having to destroy their bases to build in the same spot, they added replacing (different than upgrading, t1>t2>t3).
So, without actually testing it now works like this as far as upgrading/replacing (t1>t2>t3>dlc) in the script. It may be even more micro, but i would have to test if this is true (T1>T2>T3>KHITAN>AQUA>PICT>YAMATAI>TURONIAN>ARENA>NEXT DLC>4th season 2 dlc) THUS KHITAN MAY ONLY REPLACE DEFAULT T3, AND SO FORTH. BUT AGAIN, I WILL TEST TODAY TO SEE IF THAT IS TRUE.

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