T3 style change

Who does not know that
that one has decided on a quiet one
and after a while
you realize you would like to have another one
Will Funcom change what?



must be riddle :slight_smile:


It sounds like the OP probably has a T3 base, but just wants to change the appearance. The question is probably: do you think Funcom will make it possible to change a building’s appearance using different T3 styles without rebuilding the structure? eg Aquilonian to Black Ice.

I’d say the answer is no.


Can you downgrade buildings type?

Otherwise a costly way: build doorframe, then replace it with other T3 wall!
Maybe it also works with windowed-walls?

You can override any base T3 with DLC T3 but you can’t go the other way and you can’t change DLC T3 to another without rebuilding.

Funny enough, its mainly nutrition.

That’s exactly what my question

I have Aquilonian would like Turan

As I wrote, you have an expensive workaround. Build a doorframe, then wall again.

The best way is to destroy everything you built Aquilonian and rebuilt Turan. By destroying you’ll get back some materials, not much but it’s still hardened bricks, shaped woods and steel reinforcements you won’t need to craft. Given how long it takes to craft iron and steel reinforcements it’s a time saver.

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