What materials will the Aquilonian DLC use? It would be really helpful to know what to farm while we wait!

Can we please get even a hint at what we should farm if we were interested in making a base out of the new Aquilonian stuff? I’m at the point in my game where I’ve started farming T3 materials for my base, and I was going to go with Khitan, but I really love the way Aquilonian stuff looks.

I know Khitan used the exact same materials as Reinforced Stone, but it also feels like they might not want to keep having all of the T3 materials use stone instead of wood. It doesn’t look like the Aquilonian stuff would use wood, though…

I feel like if I want to use Aquilonian stuff, I need to basically take a break from the game for 3+ weeks, which would suck. I would much rather farm up a bunch of whatever I need in the mean time and be ready to go!



I hear you, and am on the same page entirely! I do not want to touch any other t3 materials other than the Aquilonian after seeing the previews. The marble look is almost perfect and I am almost obsessed with Greek culture and architecture.

My assumption is the same as yours. I fully expect it to be the same recipe as reinforced stone. I also wonder about whether I should continue on my hiatus from the game waiting for fixes, or should I start farming materials now so that I might be ready when the time comes.


I think there is a decent chance that we start to see some slight differences in otherwise equal building materials. You could never have a wood-based T3 material that didn’t have Black Ice in it somewhere if you always had to copy the materials.

Since the Aquilonian stuff looks to be almost entirely stone, I could definitely see it cut the Shaped Wood out and just require more Reinforced Stone, at some rate that the developers would feel is fair. Maybe instead of 15 Hardened Brick / 4 Shaped Wood, it’s just 20 Hardened Brick or something like that.

That’s why it would be good to know about it now, so I can know whether or not I should bother to farm wood.


The Khitan stuff looks more wood than stone.

The Aquilonian stuff looks more stone than wood.

Think a custom adjustment of the mats to fit the looks is acceptable.

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