Not sure what building styles I like most

I like Roman/Aquilonian, Insulated Lumber/Nord, and Yamatai/Japanese styles. But not sure what I like most. What do you like most and why? And how would you help a person decide if they dont know what they like most.

I find myself building with the standard T3 stuff. I like to mix in the black ice set as well. Mainly the goal is to create a dark, Isengard-y effect. The others are all nice too.

For armor I tend to run Aquilonian Infantry medium. I dig the look, and I always change the colors with dye and it’s pretty sweet. The stats are good to for my build, +9 vitality on the flawless to put me at 40 vitality. There are some good looking armors out there, but some just don’t have the right stats on them to warrant the visual appeal. The infantry gear looks cool, and performs well, happy in my book.

As for buildings, so many options and many look great. Aquilonian and Arena are my two favorites, with the pictish right behind them. Where you build as well can change your outlook on the style of building you like as well.

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Well, My characters were always either Cimmerians or Nords. But I also love Roman, Japanese, and Viking Builds. But not sure what would fit best . My bases are one near Sepemeru and the other is on that island with the bears and flowers in the highlands in the sanctuary. I’ve tried several styles but not sure what kind would be good. So I redid it as Insulated Lumber since I dont know what style would be good.

We have a main base, its all Khitan red. The outward spires are one of every DLC we have. Most of the out posts are stone brick with one at set city being all frontier.

Mrs, Mrs Jones love the Turan design.
Our current fortress we are building has designs from every DLC inside a walled area. A village of sorts. We even have a round map room, in a square build frame.

Can we go with D All of the Above

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Stone for defensive structures, or working areas. Aquilonian and Turanian for impressing the neighbours.
Wooden pieces for warmth and comfort in the living area. Frontier floor, turanian walls, aquilonian ceiling… My base most of the time is a plethora of styles, right now I wish for monumental round pillars!

Yamatai roofs and walls also very nice. Experiment!

A nice big tree and a sandstone shack hidden at the top is all a Hobo needs to live like a king :), A Hobo King.

I will say I have been liking the modded structures in the AOC mod. Gives you about 5 - 6 more building structure pieces styles to mess round with, plus a whole bunch of extra crafting benches and decorations to use.

I love the savage frontier because it fits perfectly with black ice structures. I find savage frontier walls better than black ice. So i put foundation of black ice, dress them with black ice fence foundation, continue with frontier walls to the perimeter of the built, leaving always the gap to fill it with black ice foundation. I finish to the top with black ice fence. I use for the roof top black ice roof pieces, but my stairs are always savage frontier. The detail of that stairs is fantastic. I wish they make internal walls and the choise for left or right panel for the doors, it would be awesome. Last but not least, i love arena stair blocks, for external use are the best and the catacomb idea on your basement is magnificent.

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I’ve always been a real sucker for traditional Asian architecture, so I mostly use Khitan and Yamatai pieces

Well the Turan and Aquilonian seem best in the desert. Aquilonian and Frontier seem best in the north. Not sure. But one area that was of interest was Sanctuary on that island in the lowest area of the highlands near The Pocket.

Not sure what type might be good in restoring that ruin into a castle.

I plan on making a little village with small samples of each style with a 5 x 4 base for each type. It is easier to see them that way.


I don’t usually like Japanese themed anything in games, but I gotta say the samurai armor looks absolutely dope and the Yamatai structures are clean and give a nice contrast to a lot of the biomes I tend to live in.

Just wish there were more cold resist structures. Black Ice and Khitan are my least favorite structures, but Black Ice is just so damn cheap.

Personally I love Medieval and Classical history, so the Arena and Aquilonian pieces are the perfect building pieces. Especially after having visited Pompeii (hats off to the devs for the red on the internal of the Aquilonian walls - nice nod to historical accuracy!). I’d love a nice red roof tile, but in the meantime, the thatch suits my needs.

Case in point: my current build:



I prefer to mix and match materials. Black ice and Khitan work great together for an intimidating red and black castle. I love the arena pieces for mixing with just about anything but especially for traditional Viking style builds which are as often stone as wood. The frontier set has the best stairs and pillars as well as really cool foundations and fences. The yamatai and khitan roof pieces are identical so that is sad but they do look really nice. I want to use the new stable foundations and walls but until they get the standard qol update it is impossible to tell direction when placing them atm. I guess my favorite is the one that best suits the build itself. They all improve a sandstone box but a proper floor plan helps more. A Viking longhouse in yamatai would be a bit odd but a combo of stable, frontier and insulated wood suits the build perfectly.

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I ll be happy to see your creation

Love it, Bravo :+1:. If i would change something, is your roof. It is a mansion, not a stable. Please don’t take it offensive, not at all . Bravo again, really.

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My old throne room from a base in the highlands before my obsessive compulsiveness got so strong about building there.

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Mix and match is my way to go, too.

I adore Aquilonian architecture, but I can’t stand the square pillars, so I use Turanian pillars in my Aquilonian builds.

Frontier has the nicest fences and gorgeous stairs and ceilings. Pillars are awesome, too. I can’t stand the windows, though. And try as I might, I can’t fit the roof pieces almost anywhere. That metallic sheen and those spikes just turn me off.

Yamatai also has gorgeous stairs and I also like the foundations, walls, fences, gates and awnings. The roof pieces are virtually indistinguishable from Khitan, although there are a couple of really nice details. I love combining Yamatai architecture with tiled (but not reinforced) roof pieces. Yamatai also works amazingly well with rope bridges and hanging bridges.

Turanian architecture is also spectacular. It one of the two DLCs where there isn’t a single piece that I dislike. If used properly, it can mixed with arena and black ice pieces.

Arena is the second DLC that doesn’t have a single piece that I hate. I just wish we had all these arches and vaulted ceilings for Aquilonian builds. I don’t really miss having roof pieces in this DLC, because black ice roofs blend well enough. On the negative side, building with arena pieces is very finicky. You have to place certain pieces in certain order, otherwise the game doesn’t let you place them. The stairs are a mixed blessing: on the one hand, I love that they are solid on the sides; on the other hand, their snapping is not as flexible as those from the other packs.

Speaking of black ice, it’s a really solid, decent architecture, but I’ve heard complaints from people who have a less beefy PC. They say that their computers struggle more to render big black ice buildings and it causes more client lag for them. I don’t know if that’s still the case after the last few updates – sadly, those clanmates don’t play anymore :frowning:

Riders of Hyboria DLC pieces are a mixed bag. I love using lattice walls and half-walls, and the stable walls and fences can be used in spectacular ways. The wooden support struts look promising, but I still haven’t used them. On the other hand, the hay-covered foundations and wedge foundations are the sloppiest work I’ve seen so far. The hay-covered wedge ceiling pieces blend almost seamlessly with each other, whereas the hay-covered wedge foundations are an eyesore. Someone really needs to touch up the texture seams there. And the weather vanes are are typical goof-up: they look nice, but you have to resort to really weird tricks to be able to place them where they belong – on the ridges of the roofs :stuck_out_tongue:

Khitan architecture is the one I use the least. The building pieces are bland and drab compared to everything else. I might try the red-and-black effect @Berserk mentioned above, but in general I don’t use the pieces a lot. It was the first pack that had walls suitable for interior use – same texture on both sides – so that’s a plus. Where the Khitan DLC shines is its decorations. Aquilonian and Turanian decorations are nice, but Khitan has some truly awesome pieces. There’s no Khitan decorative piece that I dislike.

So yeah, I love mixing different styles and trying new combinations. If you have more than one DLC, it’s definitely fun to try to discover new ways to blend them.


Yamatai walls and tiled roof? So almost a pseudo tutor style? Nice idea!

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I remembered that the Riders DLC added weather vanes the other day, so I started trying to place one on my roof, and discovered that they don’t like going where weather vanes traditionally go - on rooves. I ended up going with a ceiling under the cap and having it not quite on the roof (see my screenshot above) as I’d made a few random tables to squeeze in, none of which were the right height to fit it and go under the roof cap. So in the end I got fed up and went with the path of least resistance.

It would be very nice if weather vanes could go, as nature intended, on roofs.