Savage Frontier Building Style

Are those supposed to be Pict Buildings or Nord or Aquilonian or what? The description says “Buildings Designed To Repel Pict Invaders” But the armor sets are Pict styles. So what styles are the Building Items supposed to be? From what culture?

normally zingaran or aquilonian outpost styles (as in real conan lore the picts had not develop any kind of complicated buildings). they r supposed to be hunters and trackers and mostly uncivilized. so i guess the building style u get is the one used by their neighbours (bossonians and zingarans) to fend off their attacks at the borders of their empires.

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The armor, weapons, and pet skins are Pictish, while the building pieces are intended to reflect something built by frontier settlers from a more civilized nation (I want to say I recall someone saying they’re Aquilonian but don’t quote me on that).

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The Frontier buildings represent Aquilonian colonization attempts into the Pictish Wilderness, as seen in Howard’s Beyond the Black River, whereas the armors are meant to be Pictish.


Thanks. I was wondering about that.

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