Savage Frontier Pack

I was looking over the Savage Frontier Pack and since it revolves around the Picts, I feel it necessary as a lifelong Robert E. Howard fan to point out that the building materials seem too advanced for Picts. What’s there is nice looking, but they’re supposed to live in something more like a hut.
One other thing. I went to see Conan in the tavern…my character is taller than him. C’mon Funcom, Conan is supposed to be a head taller than most men in his time. The guy in the tavern is just a little taller than a midget for cryin’ out loud. :confused: Fix him.

Hey BigDave,

The building materials are definitely too advanced for the Picts and this is intended. The weapons and armors are meant to be inspired by Pictish culture, but the building pieces are meant to represent what you would build to defend yourself against the Picts. :slight_smile:

The Conan character in the game is a reskinned NPC. Only his appearance is custom made, not his height. I will, however, make a suggestion to the team about making him a little taller.

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Thanks for the response. :slight_smile: I understand about the building material. In that light it makes sense.
I don’t mean to be picky…'er…well, yes I do. I am, after all, a self-proclaimed Robert E. Howard and Conan fan and expert. :grin: Lol…I probably could have been a consultant on the movies…they’d have been better. Why they didn’t just adapt the books verbatim is beyond me. All they did was take a few R.E.H. stories and throw them in a blender set to puree. :smiley: :sunglasses:

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