DLS the Savage Frontier. Design of buildings. Requires a change

Today I found time to look at new buildings. If things pleased me, then the buildings grieved.

  1. For some reason, the light passes into a fully enclosed space. When approaching, it disappears.

Why there are no two options for walls? Why do I need these windows if I want just the panel walls inside. If you can still put up with the look, then inside it looks awful.

  1. I like the ceiling. If there was a second version of the walls, then it would be great. It does not fit into the design. It hurts the eye. Especially the color of the ceiling.

  1. Given the lack of flooring (which could be put on the foundation, such as a fence, for example), the foundation floor with borders looks awful.

  1. From the foundations it is impossible to build something beautiful. Borders around the edges? They are for this and created. Borders inside? For perverts.

Please fix it. At least just remove the boundaries from the foundations and the floor. That it was continuous. Or very thin.




i like the building pieces, but in a pict dlc, i did hope and think we would get more of savage type of building.
they did have huts and stuff so some more pictish looking building pieces would be aboslutely awesome, so now my Pict will live in this Mansion looking house instead :stuck_out_tongue:
even if it was tier 1 and more of a hide type of walls i would love it, but not thinking we will get that, unless they come with a darfari dlc :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you decide that they should have holes in the huts and they could not build something that does not hurt the eyes? Give at least one example. At least one image confirming this. :thinking:
Read at least some stories about the ancient Picts :wink:
They were not complete savages like the Darfari. These are northern people, but he built good buildings. Yes, it may not be so skillful, but not so tasteless.

The goal of the developers is not to recreate the real story. They are only close to her. Otherwise, we would not have received resistance to the heat in a fully fur set of clothes.
Players should be pleased, should create an atmosphere of fear. Now only the atmosphere of the torture room is created.

I like the Gothic styles, but this is just an attempt to imitate him.

All cosmetic dls should appear in their own style, but they should adhere to the style and individual elements should NOT CUT THROUGH THE EYE! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
What is now is just a set of different blocks, which, of course, have only a wooden form. Otherwise, this is a very depressing picture.

From the description of the DLC, I was under the impression that the building pieces are meant for a border fortress AGAINST the picts, thus the lack of comparatively primitive building parts that look ‘pictish’.

Correct. Which makes sense, the Picts of Hyboria are pretty savage and do NOT build anything resembling “civilized structures”, certainly nothing that could be passed off as T3, which seems to be a rule for DLC so far. So if you’re faced with having to create structures that fit with a Pict DLC and yet it must make sense as fortified (T3), the Aquilonian Frontier build is a pretty clever solution - good job, Funcom design department or whoever made that call :slight_smile:

Personally I had hoped for some cheap, stick-and-stones options, or at least something less spiky (why does everything have spikes?? it’s not like the spikes work, outside of crenelations, is it?). But okay, I understand there’s a business to consider and you’re probably not at the stage where you want to take too many chances with a DLC failing because of a risky move like selling T1 or T2 stuff.

But… for the love of Crom, please let us build interior walls that have the “inside” texture on both sides! I find myself wanting to create builds with foundation-wide “walls” just so I can have the pretty side out on both sides!

its easy if you do some research i can not give you any pictures, but as taken from the conan WIKI
the description here can not exactly be called good buildings hehe, holes are actually kinda fitting if it was in another style :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

During their rule they occupied the ruins of the palaces they conquered but without copying or adopting the civilization they subjugated. They shattered artifacts and cities without making new one to replace it. The Picts remained true barbarians.

and another one here :wink:

Initially they live in caves and trees, but later in tents of hides and brush-thatched huts of mud and wattle, as they learned from the Bossonians.[2] In their huts hang the grinning skulls of men. In mud-walled enclosures fires flicker and drums rumble, and spears are whetted in the hands of silent men in moccasins. Villages are surrounded by a stockade with a broad gate. A low, hideous pyramid of gory human heads can be seen in the middle.

and here is referance :wink: [http://conan.wikia.com/wiki/Picts]

but as said i do like the buildings i just thought and hoped for some that could fit more for a pict ^^

With each of the DLC’s there has been something that has prevented me from being interested.
I like to build, but I am not good at it. I do it when it feels right and I skip it when it doesn’t. I think I’m average and I’m guessing that many people play Single Player in a similar fashion. “Typical” would be the term.
For the life of me I cannot understand the purpose of these building blocks. More T3 stuff? I don’t make T3 stuff now. Why would I drop coin for the privileged of making more T3 stuff, that I won’t make either.
Currently, the only T3 I build is walls, and that is out of Black Ice because that’s not a ridiculous chore to farm. If you made a new T3 block and didn’t require stupid amounts of stone, like Black Ice, then maybe I’d be interested.
Don’t get me wrong. I can make reinforced stone brick. I could even make lots of it. But to do that is to mindlessly harvest the most boring resource on the map to completely asinine levels. Sure, if I have a need of it then it’s worth it and I’d do it. But I don’t and its not so I wont.
Long story short. Give us some T1 or T2 stuff. We don’t all spend our days fighting off the Chinese trolls on poorly run official servers. Many of us like to play the game ourselves.

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