The ability to upgrade tier 1 to tier 3

The repair hammer just repairs. How about the repair hammer upgrades your tier 1 to tier 2. I want special repair hammers for dlc tier 3. There would be two basic default repair hammers for the tier 3 exile land. Each dlc with buildings would have their own repair hammer too.

To keep abuse. They have to be upgraded in order. Upgraded building pieces needs to be at full health. You need the resources in your inventory.

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In regards to having different hammers for each dlc style… That is a lot of clutter, and something of an unnecessary pain in the fourth point of contact for those who are making a build with pieces from multiple DLCs.

While upgrading placed structural pieces is a grand idea, this one is loathe to see even more inventory slots eaten with crafting redundancies.
Having so many artisan tables is odious enough.

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I like this portion of your idea. If it retains the look of the T1 but just upgrades the stats to a T2 or T3. Maybe I like to build in Flotsom, but I want the protection of having my base in T3.


Each hammer for the tier 3 building. Each hammer stops the ability to have a mismatched if you didn’t want it. There are many t3 building pieces. A hammer for each one offers up a way to fix each t3 building as well as keep the design you want.

Sorry but it upgrades to t2. It looks like T2.

It’s already possible to upgrade pieces. You don’t even need a hammer.


Explain please.

Build a T2 wall. Place it in the place of an existing T1 wall. Piece replaced.

You could even pick up the T1 wall first, and use it elsewhere.

I don’t understand why you’d need to make upgrading more complicated than this, unless you’re suggesting that you don’t need the building materials if you upgrade with the hammer.


I would like to have T3 building that looks like some of the T1 items not sure about the hammer. After all 3.0 is going to have us hammering.

In 3.o the builder tool lets you upgrade or downgrade with no material loss.

for example if you place a sandstone block and upgrade it to T3 you get the sandstone materials back and if you make a t3 block a sandstone you get the T3 materials back. Zero material loss.

And it is fast. No waiting to craft the block.


Question do you build Tall wizards circle towers? Because not upgrading them and taking them apart piece by piece is a nightmare. Anyone with big or nice looking base knows piece by piece is a nightmare to replace each tier. I don’t build square bases.

You don’t need to take anything apart if you don’t want to. Just upgrade it in place, that’s been implemented for a long time now.

You can also downgrade or even “sidegrade” (i.e. replace by the same kind of piece from a different set) your pieces.

Here’s how:

As simple as that.

I don’t either, but the secret to avoiding painful upgrades is to avoid upgrades in general. Build your stuff directly in T2 or T3 or whatever you want, instead of building it from sandstone and upgrading it later.

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this is nice. at least T2 will have a purpose =P

So you want… the build hammer in 3.0…

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I do, as temporary outposts/crafting stations. When I want something fancy, I build fancy. With 1x harvesting multiplier, not spawning anything via admin panel, too.

If you like building, build. Have fun with it. If it starts to turn into a chore, use the admin panel or the new Creative Mode.

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Your losing resources. To overlap would destroy the original building piece. I want to smack with an upgrade Hammer.

Oh, you want to upgrade for free? Good luck :slight_smile:

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The reason for many hammer is dlc and other t3 buildings.

Not for free same cost as building cost. If rust can do it. I know funcom can do it better.

Same cost as building cost of what? I pay the T1 cost to build the T1, then I pay the T3 cost to build the T3 to replace T1. That’s the building cost.

If there’s enough redundant stability in my build, I can even get the T1 cost back. And it’s extremely easy to provide that redundancy in most cases, by placing a few additional T1 pillars or walls that you can later get back when you’re done replacing.

Everything you need is right there, you just don’t want to use it unless it looks and behaves exactly like you want. As usual.

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