Update repair hammers to allow building upgrades

The repair hammer needs another function. My idea is to allow them to upgrade a structure to the next tier. This is not a freebie on skill points. You must know the next tier. Also you must have the resources to build to next tier. This way I’m not destroying my lovely base. I work hard on my base. I don’t want to tear it down to upgrade it.


You can replace without tearing down. Craft a t3 foundation and put your cursor over the t1 or t2 foundation, you’ll see a slight highlight, click and boom, you’re upgraded.

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I’d prefer this method as well. 7 Days to Die does it well.

I don’t like the current replacement method simply due to the fact that it does not retain the orientation of the piece you’re replacing. I’m constantly having to rotate my pieces when upgrading and it’s sometimes difficult to discern which way the piece will be facing.

Also, dismantling a piece returns some of the resources, upgrading should do the same since itis not cheaper than building a new structure.


The repair hammers have 1 function. I rather add my idea. It increase repair hammers values and makes it easier to upgrade. Same resource cost as building from scratch. This idea slows down tier 3 building. Repair hammers can only upgrade to the next tier. Example to make a tier 3 from a tier 1 you need to upgrade the tier 1 to tier 2 first.

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I agree! I do think they should add more clear markings of direction/orientation on the structure thumbnail/blueprint (or whatever you call the ghostly image you get while placing it)

It always annoys me that, for ceilings for example, you can’t see the orientation from above and so have to place it/upgrade always from below… (unless, there is some kind of indication already and I haven’t noticed it… which could be possible, I guess)

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I’m sorry, you said “This way I’m not destroying my lovely base” so I thought you didn’t know you dont have to destroy your base to upgrade. I wasn’t disagreeing with your idea either, just offering help.

I’m not sure what to call that either. Sometimes I call it a silhouette though I know that’s not technically correct.
Yeah ceilings are especially a pain. It’s so much easier to see the orientation at night, looking from below.

But when replacing something as opposed to placing a new piece, it’s kind of difficult to tell at any time of day as the old piece is in the way,

I like this idea, hammers use set aside. Right now, aesthetics aside, t2 is almost pointless considering how fast you level to 30, which gives you access to t2 building. Going t1 to 2 to 3 is progression, and I like that.

I pick up a carpet and it destroy beds,chest and other decorations. So I can only imagine my decorations will be destroy by dropping T3 or T2 on them.

I’ve been upgrading stuff extensively and I have yet to run into an issue of destroying something while upgrading… not saying that it can’t happen though, but they fixed most of the problems with upgrading in place, it seems.

Ah, you’re dealing with the collision box on that when it comes to placeables. FC did that to prevent floating objects. No, that is not a problem with the actual building pieces… for the most part. If you put a chest on a workbench, for example, then pull the workbench, the chest will need to disappear somehow to prevent floating objects with placeables. Similar happens if you actually destroy the foundation piece a chest is sitting on. Replacing the building piece, however, does not have this problem as the collision boxes are the same.

I haven’t had anything disappear when upgrading building pieces either, but I have run into instances where it won’t let me upgrade because something is on it, though this happens rarely.

I had to move a thrall, a bed and a candle to upgrade one foundation piece yesterday.

The system is a bit wonky; it either needs to be enhanced or replaced. I’m presuming the former will happen, eventually.

It’s annoying and wasteful to remake a wall, because it was facing the wrong way. Update the repair hammer to upgrade builds makes this game more Conan and less Ark.

Upgrading a pain.

Good idea. a bunch of “building” style game uses it. rust, seven days to die, empyrion…etc.

Also having an option for upgrade and it should use the materials from players inventory instead of ready made pieces would be much faster and easier.

Also yes (+1) to get back the materials from old structure it would be a must. I mean build something and than upgrade it, is exactly double the work already. and you lost that small amount of materials from the lower tier on top of it…

And experimenting forms with t3 is not the best idea either… too costly.

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I don’t care if I get zero resources back. It a pain to rebuild and get everything right.

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Pain in updating all my building peices. That not counting my temple of to a certain female goddess.

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My idea would be useful. Ever upgrade a 10 wall high building.