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if you replace older Foundations with stronger new ones.

By upgrading my House i had really problems to see, if the new foundation will replace the old one, also the same replacing walls and detect if i place the new wall right (inner and outside).

Kinde sad, lot of mats wasted cause of this. Also would be awesome if we are able to replace also lower leveled foundations with never one. Guess currently its only possible to replace existing foundations on the top.

(sorry very bad english)

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I would propose that the rep.hammer could do the upgrade given the materials present in the players inventory instead of the building pieces and manual placing…

Easier, faster, more precise.

Hell, thats a great idea… let the hammer upgrade the whole foundations O_O

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tbh would be cool that too.
But on the other hand. little lazyness is okay. but too much… :smiley: You would get bored too fast. :smiley:

Would also give the hammer an extra use… Instead of just checking hp, stability and such and repairing, you’d have to hammer on stuff to actually repair it… Thought it’d be like this in the beginning honestly XD i like the idea, would be cooler and, i suppose, make alot more sense in general too :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand what you mean.
Hammer is capable to repair items if you have the right materials in your … pockets.

Whoops… i meant having to hammer on it to upgrade it XD also with the materials, sorry my bad

Edit: Basically i meant what you said, in the one i replied to :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well if i cant reach foundations, that are placed on the bottom of other foundations i would welcome such a feature. No upgrade cost for free of course, still the same like the foundation above it.

Thats actually my greatest problem. I own a well looking house but it still stands on sandstone foundations as a base ground.
If the purge attacks my house, they are still able to hit Foundation behind my Wall and so they will damage the sandstone foundations. If they destroy such a foundation (thats easy for the purge) the whole up-building line will fall.

I had to replace the sand foundations after the building base was finished now… yeah i hope that the purge wont attack that side where my whole craft stations storages are located :sob:

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