Building wishlist!

Hi all ) iam big on building in this game and love it ! i made 1 of the most successful Mods in Doom 2 back in the day . i persnally think the items they have brought to the battle pass are amazing so my wish list is >>>>
1 ) Would it be ever possible to harness floor textures such as lava water soup etc and radiate the colors they emit to suit .
2 ) I mostly build dungoens would it be possible to make doors lock/unlock to the public not just when your in a clan that goes for chests also for prizes for completing my dungeon ( Derps need not appy about building a box and saying its about bases thats old )
3) sidenote can u pls make group options >> make grps >> group chat >>> group players on the map >>>> group invite instead of global chat for days everquest killed that in 1999 !
The talent in this games is amazing and i know they have to make £££ if u could consider be apreciated

AzerAaron ( find my work on euro 1005 an euro No-Ping )