*Mostly Complete* Detailed Suggestions List

This list will be divided in different section each having their own subsections. This is only Role play and aesthetics suggestions. In no way to add an edge to any player but to make the game more fun for everyone.



The add of the wedge parts were pretty nice but there are so many limitation due to missing complementary pieces and lower stability than its square counterpart (shorter length in distance versus number of pieces).The fallowing list are to be considered wedge variants

  • General
  1. Ramps; Up and Down
  2. Stairs ; Up and Down
  • DLC Specific
    • Blood and Sand

      1. Arena Vaulted ceiling (single) ; edge start and edge end
      2. Arena Vaulted Ceiling Corner; edge start and edge end
      3. Arena Vaulted Ceiling Corner (single); edge start and edge end
      4. Arena Vaulted Ceiling Inverted Corner (single) ; edge start and edge end
      5. Arena Vaulted Ceiling Junction ; edge start and edge end
    • Debaucheries of Derketo

      1. Hanging/Rope Bridge (short) ; 1x wedge length
      2. Hanging/Rope Bridge ; 2x wedge length
      3. Hanging/Rope Bridge (long) ; 3x wedge length
      4. Stage ; edge start and edge end
      5. Stage Corner (Round); edge start and edge end
      6. Stage Corner (Straight); edge start and edge end
      7. Stage Steps; edge start and edge end

DLC Missing pieces

The DLCs add more variety in the aesthetics and style of a building but compared to the basic pieces available in game, some are missing to change the look 1 for 1

  1. Fences foundation
  2. Left-sloping Wall
  3. Left-sloping inverted Wall
  4. Right-sloping Wall
  5. Right-sloping inverted Wall
  6. Hatch Door
  7. Ramps

Possible T3 Style

Since lot of building style exist, but we never can get enough, here a list of possible style of building pieces that would be plausible to implement eventually in the game

  1. Frost-Ice
    unlike its Black-Ice counterpart, this one could look more like the frost forge aesthetic and look more like made of Ice
  2. Obsidian
    Like the serpent-men Blue Glass construction found in the Volcano, these could be made from Obsidian brick and ashes
  3. Lemurian
    A look-a-like of the constructions made be the ancient Lemurian people in the jungle or the Black keep
  4. Giant-Kings
    Architecture inspired by the Unnamed City and all Giant-Kings construction

Double Sided Wall

We all have our favourite building style, but some times, we fall for only one of the side of the wall/frame. Or we build exterior building or inner walls.

Adding pieces of building that are both side “Outer Face” or Inner Face, allowing for cozy inside and badass exterior constructions.

Orientation guide

The text on walls, doors, frames to indicate “Outer Face” help a lot when building from scratch. But when it comes to upgrade or to foundation/ceiling, it gets more complicated. Specially for the floors and ceiling when trying to make patterns with the texture mapping the pieces.

A 3D dot or arrow on a corner of the ceiling/foundation pieces would help align all pieces like the builder wants them. That guide would only be visible like the “Outer Face”.

Locked/Unlocked Doors

In a friendly server where unofficial alliance are made between clans, being able to open certain doors instead of no doors

Doors could have password or clan keys to be unlocked when interacted with. It could also be a simple setting to mark those doors as “Public”, “Clan allies”, etc.

Star Metal Meteors

As silly as its sound, I built a nice base in front of the Eyelet Lake that ended up being smashed by meteors. I didn’t realize that it was those nice stars falling in front of my house that was bringing destruction to my home until later (some patches could have been the cause of some parts of my home collapsing) Also had to look up to a ressources map detailling with a lot of accuracy where those stars meteor could fall, wich was right on my home.

I will forever miss the lake view and stars gazing point I had now that I moved to a new location :sob:

To prevent building damage caused by meteors, many options could be used;

  1. Disable damage done by meteors to buildings
  2. Prevent meteor to spawn/drop in location that they are on collision courses
  3. Leave burns mark on possible falling spots to indicate that you are on collision course



It’s nice to be able to display the severed head of a creature you slayed. Even more when its a special one. Here are the missing trophy of enemy creatures that can be killed in the Exiled Lands

  1. White Dragon head
  2. Undead Dragon head
  3. Monstrosity variants
  4. Corrupted variants
  5. Child of Jhil
  6. Werehyena
  7. Sandbeast
  8. Giant/Boss variants
  9. Brother of (Midnight Grove’s bosses)
  10. Albino Bat Demon
  11. Abysmal Remnant
  12. Any beast should have a way to make a trophy of some sort


Writing a note, a journal’s entry for every one to read is a nice touch to the RP. Being able to leave such small object in an other player/clan’s territory would add to it

Adding a player/clan setting that would allow other clan/player to leave notes and the like on the frontier of your claimed territory. This option could be considered like the Battle Standard allow/refuse in a player/clan setting and could also be managed on server such as PVP not allowing it at all or in a limited way.


Public/Private Chest/Storage

Allowing other players outside of your clan to interact with “unlocked” storage, such as overstock of items or spoils of war to the victor of a PvP duel in a Battle Standard’s zone would facilitate the interaction between players. Having a locked chest that lower tier in clans can’t loot would make it safer to keep precious loots from mistakenly, or on purpose, taken out.

Option on placement of a storage to be Public, Unlocked for Allied Clans, Locked with combination or Locked from X clan’s tiers

Pets and Thralls


Some animals roam the Exiled Land but are still not available even if their variants are. And some are just too cool not to be tamable!

  • Variants
    1.Komodo/Salamander ; crocodile counterpart
    2.Reptilian Monstrosity; rhino counterpart

  • Too cool to not be tamable
    1.Snakes and GIANTS Snakes
    3.Child of Jhil
    4.Demon Bats
    5.Juvenile dragons
    For juvenile dragons, we could only be able to get an egg after slaying a mother (Green, Red or White), make it crack after time and or baking in the furnace/fridge, and then feed the cracked egg to make it fully hatch in the pen with special food made of demon blood, specific ingredients depending on of the colours variants. The final product could be smaller than wild juvenile, same size and a little larger (still able to pass in gates) considering that there were raised in captivity and their attack range, their durability could be less than the wild counterparts to balance

  • Too CUTE to not be tamable :heart_eyes: *

  1. Baby pets
    A simple way could me used to keep babies as pets because, well, they ARE too cute to not have around. Once put down as babies, they wouldn't be able to attack or follow.
  • Special Thralls
    Some human that can be converted, like the Brute, change once converted. It would be nice that those oversized human stay oversized once becoming a thrall


To make the more lively the guards, we could be able to set them in a patrol path

Starting and End point of patrols would work around a pivot point that would give the same limited distance to travel than if the pivot point was a foundation and the Start and End would be ceilings pieces


In the same spirit to add more live in the games, being able to set a thrall or a pet in a Emote to act as they are idle instead of just standing there. Those emote would also allow the to return in the same position/orientation than when placed on ground, eliminating the thrall/pet facing the wrong direction, say a wall instead of the entrance they were guarding

  • Human thrall
  1. When interacting with a thrall, the radian menu could have a section like the “Follow/Guard” that would set them in an emote loop, and be placeable to orient them in the right position that the player wants
  2. The choice of available emote could be limited or be the same as the player knows
  • Pets
  1. When in the radian menu, the pet could be put in the same emote as their wild counterparts; Sit, lay down, face down to eat, etc.
  2. There could also be an emote choice that could be random, which would make the pet to cycle trough the different emotes available

Clan’s Merchant

idea suggested by @TheBigBadPigeon

a thrall used to sell for gold and silver items no longer wanted by the player.

  • The inventory could be “locked” (no longer able to retrive the item dropped in without paying the silver/gold fees)
  • The price could be preseted by the game or customizable by players
  • The inventory could act like the preservation box, preventing prerishable item to spoil
  • The inventory could be limited to up to 3 item choices, similar to the ingame Merchants
  • The number of merchant by clan/player could be limited to prevent overfloading the “Market”
  • Acquiring a Merchant trall could be depending on the building a “market counter”, like the Temples or other stations and be considered an utility thrall
  • The “Market Counter” could appear on map like temples T3

Clans Politic

In a PvE or PvP server, some may choose allies and enemies. Trading, access to controlled clan’s territory and attack on sigh could be interesting

  • Allies
    when marked as allies, some interaction such as using specific doors or storage could be possible

  • Enemies
    When marked as enemies, a clan’s thralls and pets could attack the trespasser’s Clan Member on sight, protecting the territory from the enemies.


With the addition of the Battle Standard, new possibility for entertainment have appeared. But some more could still add to the show.

  • Ring master

An object such as a war horn, drum, or any placeable could be used by the owner of the arena to call their thralls/pets to

  1. Attack non-clan members and/or their thrall/pets
  2. Attack clan members
  3. Attack any creature in sight (including other thralls/pets in the ring)
  4. Stand guard, even when attacked

The thralls/pets in the PvP zone of the Battle standard could fall unconscious to prevent death and return to their guard post until back to 100% health or be put in the Battle Standard inventory when slayed

  • Chest of Spoils

A storage item where the players put a prize for the remaining survivor to claim


Very extensive list here and great suggestions, especially about the patrolling guard thralls. Having a patrol option would be a big help against enemies ambushing your camps!

One more suggestion would be; to be able to add a title to scrolls and journals.


Your list? interesting.

I’m still fan of few things, Crom altar for journals 9does nothing) Tree placeables, low tier tent parts (branches and fiber) that connect. “Yog is coming” Dancer outfit pack for all races…

so many not listed, i really need make notepad on my desktop for that…

Sorry, added your suggestion as quote to my list and it ended up re-posting the entire list in the reply :sweat_smile:

no probs. lol! ^^

Some really cool suggestions here! I would really like to see the thrall patrol option happen. The list of missing building pieces was very helpful too. I’m always interested in new building pieces. :slight_smile:


Thrall patrols, manual emote and inter thrall emotes ftw!

Personal merchant thralls. We should really make more use of the gold/silver coins by having thralls you can place as merchants to buy/sell for you.


Maybe put in their inventory the stuff we don’t want/use anymore (or the SO many duplicate of recipes of fragment of power we get trying to get the ONE we don’t) that can be useful to someone else. Their inventory would NOT spoil, allowing selling perishable stuff to strangers.

I like your suggestion @TheBigBadPigeon , I will add it to the list.

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