Buildings erased

Game mode: Online official #1039 PvE Conflict
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

this is the 2nd time that I lose the buildings installed on my camp . I disconnect and when I reconnect I lost the buildings I had installed .

animal enclosure, 2 wolf and other

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Disconnect
  2. reconnect

How long are you disconnecting for?

After you set down “the buildings” walk up to it and press the TAB key. It will tell you the number of hours before is decays and potentially disappears. If the hours seem too low then maybe build a base platform for it to sit on - that will add hours to the decay timer.

just for the night IRL 10 hours.

and now i lost all my gear and my inventory is empty …

Do you know about building decay and how it works?

I see you’re playing on a PVE-C server, not a PVE server. Do you know the difference?

I’m not asking to be a dick, I just want to know how much to explain, so that I don’t write a longer post than necessary.


for information I disconnected in my building. So why did I leave my inventory and my equipment? . Then, the degradation is not possible because I have 335:59:44 …

----- Why on a private server I never had this problem ? Strange !!! No ?!

Yes, but that doesn’t mean you’re protected from other players. If there’s a way for another player to enter your base, they can kill you. Even if they can’t enter, they might be able to shoot you through a window if you’re logged out close enough to one. Or if you’re logged out close enough to a wall, they could throw up a noxious gas cloud (using a gaseous orb or a poison arrow) right outside your wall and kill you that way.

Point is, you should check your event log to see how you died.

That’s for your base. If your animal pen wasn’t placed on foundations that are connected to your base, then it didn’t share the decay timer with it. That’s why I asked if you knew how the decay timers worked.

Let me dig up one of the posts that I wrote to explain it and I’ll link it here.

EDIT: Here’s a detailed explanation of the decay timer mechanics, to the best of my knowledge:

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I did not die in my building and for the enclosure it was placed on foundations…

So stop looking for excuses. The same thing happened to my friend on this server a few days before.

Didn’t you say you logged out in your building? What do you mean you didn’t die in your building?

Were those foundations connected to the rest of your base? Did you check the decay timer for the animal pen when you placed it?

I’m not looking for excuses, I’m trying to help, both you and others who might have similar problems, and also Funcom. It helps to clarify that it’s indeed a bug and not lack of knowledge about game mechanics.

No need to be hostile about it.

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Didn’t you say you logged out in your building? What do you mean you didn’t die in your building?

----- not dead. just disconnected 10 hours IRL to go to sleep

Were those foundations connected to the rest of your base? Did you check the decay timer for the animal pen when you placed it?

----- yes

I don’t think I understand what’s going on. Here’s what you said:

So you logged out for 10 hours, and when you logged back in you were naked and your character’s inventory was empty? Did I understand that right?

If I did understand you correctly, then how do you know you didn’t die? Did you check the event log? What does the event log say?

If I did not understand you correctly, could you explain what you mean by “lost all my gear and my inventory is empty”?

He definetly got looted through a wall, happens all the time, even if your not through a wall. You can get people through windows and cracks in walls(from some sets having opposite sided walls right next to eachother) and maybe the build isnt 100% secure, just never heard of someones entire character becoming naked without someone taking thier stuff

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You’re right, being looted through a window or through a crack in the wall is another option. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. And if it turns out this is a bug, it’s going to be useful for Funcom to have the additional details to help narrow it down.

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This is true, on pve c servers ive also noticed when thrall farming that if i dont get back to anything not on enough foundations to cover the base its easily decayed by another player in 12 hours, so maybe his animal pens were too far from his structure?

EDIT: Just giving a few observations ive noticed that may help

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Beautiful explanation too… I still remember it and keep it in me leaky brain.

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And then just read what happened to your animal pen and what happened to you while you were offline.
If that does not tell you that your building decayed and you got killed, then you have some bug, if it does then you have user error.


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