Vanishing base, what to do?

Game mode: Online official 1039
Type of issue: Bug | Other
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: [ Europe ]
Mods?: Are mods installed: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

My friend Saiba and I were playing on this server for a few months, we made a pretty big base with a lot of chests, armor, stuff… But during summer instead of playing everyday we haven’t been connecting for something like a week. We both connected during this week of inactivity to run around and show our base to friends, but we haven’t interacted with the game much more.

What a surprise when around 3 days after our last connection, the whole base just vanished, living us naked with just our PNJ and some of our buildings… Knowing that, we checked the timer last time we left, and it was set on 168 days before the building get destroyed. The purge has also been done before leaving…

Any explanations ? Thanks for your help and advises

Just a note…

You mean 168 hours right? Not 168 days…

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Yeah, it’s a mistake it was 168 hours, but still strange while we kept connecting even just running around should be enough… And some other small buildings next to our base are still here.

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Running around isn’t enough. You have to visit each separate building you have and check the decay timer on each.

Yeah, I wonder how it actually works… I know you don’t actually have to check the decay timer but I wonder if you have to touch the building pieces or just be within the claim borders. Maybe someone knows?

Don’t have to touch but you do have to wait till the syst acknowledges your presence and resets the timer…anywhere from before you get there with hammer to about 30 seconds waiting with hammer in hand from my personal experiences. Very much dependent on the things that slow down servers (number of players on, size of building etc)


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