Buildings simply fall apart


Does Funcom not care at all what players care about???
I already opened a post in December that buildings and chests decay well before the decay timer expires.
Until today, no one has reacted to it!
Meanwhile, all my outposts have disintegrated, although I log in every 4-5 days.
Also parts of my main base have disintegrated!!!
Do you actually know how much time you put into the construction of a large base?
And how it is then, if despite regular logging everything falls apart BEFORE THE TIME?
besides this forum post I have also already written a mail, even without ever getting an answer!
It would be great to get a feedback on his contributions!
Or are your fan’s worth so little to you???

Are you playing on an offical or private server?

Do you visit them all? Their decay timers will not reset to the maximum value otherwise.

Unless it’s all connected not all parts of your base may share the same timer.

Why is this relevant?
If you don’t want to deal with decay then play singleplayer and turn it off.

Where did you even send that? There’s no email contact for CE.

This is very odd. Never seen another post describing this issue.
Are you on a public server?
How many bases do you have and are the pieces inter connected?

If you build a hut, and a week later you build a wall, a week later the hut will be gone but the wall will still be there.

If you are in an offical server, maybe it was and admin action. Do they applied some sort of suspension to your account? Its a possibility

Hi Azazane,
are you an employee of Funcom?

If not, then your answer has no meaning for me sorry.
Just for your information, I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for 2000 hours, I know how the decay timer works.
And I always run all my builds completely to reset all timers.
And yes, I play on an official server, and the statement, I should just play on a private server if I have problems with the decay timer, is probably totally off!
If there are official servers, I can also expect that everything works there as it should.

Hi EduMariano,
no, my account has not been blocked, that can be ruled out.
It just disintegrates more and more, although I always log in on time.
that really spoils the fun of the game

Asks for help and then is massively rude to someone who gave a great amount of help. What a lovely person :face_vomiting:


I am not.

Then i’d recommend you visit → Zendesk, Click me! ← and submit a ticket.


The tiny evil person in me wants to know whether this answer of yours had any meaning to the OP either.

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Oh are you in the wrong place. No funcom employee is going to give you an answer.


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