Builds disappearing

Why do my builds keep disappearing ? This has happened twice now since last update !

Are you familiar with the decay system in the game? Are you playing a solo game or on a server?

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The decay timers were reduced significantly. Without max timers they don’t last very long. Build a repair hammer to view how long your structures have before logging out.

The decay timer will be a result of the Tier level of the materials, it’s proximity to your base, and the overall worth of the materials involved. Currently, the max decay is 168 hours, or one (1) week.

Smaller structures will decay much faster than 168 hours, some lasting under two (2) hours elapsed time.

To determine the decay timer status, you can use a Repair Hammer as previously noted, or you can face the item and press the Shift key.

Good luck.

What does your Event log say about the matter?

I’m just going to leave these here. Full explanation of the decay system and the most recent change to the decay time.

I have decay unchecked !

Are you playing on a Solo game or Private server?

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