Burning Siege Cauldron

I want to craft Burning Siege Cauldron Burning Siege Cauldron - Official Conan Exiles Wiki , but there is no such option on the blacksmith’s workbench, and I can’t find the relevant knowledge anywhere: Burning Siege Cauldron (Knowledge) - Official Conan Exiles Wiki
Who knows what the problem is?

It drops as a recipe from purges. You need an advanced war component and a regular siege cauldron to craft it.

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Do you mean that this knowledge can be found in a chest after purge, and it is in the form of a scroll, just like the War Strategist’s Table, Stygian Soldier Rations, and Stygian Vanguard Armor recipes?

That is correct

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I carried out about 3 dozen purges, including about 20 - the tenth level, received a bunch of cauldrons, improvements, all sorts of recipes, but I never saw a single recipe for a burning cauldron. Fantastic.

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Damn… I have quite a few. Wish I could have given one to you. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I have a strong feeling that after the update they dramatically reduced the drop rate for the cauldron recipe and the cauldrons themselves. I remember before the update the cauldrons dropped every purge. I didn’t know where to put them. After the update, I changed the map and have already carried out 7 purges, the cauldron dropped only once.

Worry not - in two years Dennis will finally stumbles on a Purge files and will add guaranteed recipe drops, just like he did on Library recipes. This will be sold as MAJOR feature of Age of X chapter 3.

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