Camels attack on off / no damage through the player + bug

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Bug : after placing pets I’m still in the build Modus

How about an attack on off function?
A camel should only follow and carry stuff not attack monster. Same with the distance. It’s always so close that I killed a few of them.( Dual wield.)
Or is there a function which allows me to set the damage through the player to zero?
I hoped for using a camel to carry my stuff and a wolf or thrall to support me in combat (at the same time I’m using the camel) . Now I’m still carrying everything myself with the backpack and don’t use the pets. Because they just get into the way. The pet system might be good but in my opinion… Useless. OK, I can place some camels like statutes around. Don’t get me wrong, adding new stuff is a great thing! Would love to see more variety of monsters… But tweak it more.
Thank you

Camel the broken pet xD

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