Campfire Grill does not cook meat

Installed the Campfire Grill and cannot cook meat on it. I’m on a PC platform. Allows recipe only for oysters or abysmal to be cooked.


There’s no crafting station called “Campfire Grill” in the base game, which leads me to believe that you either wrote the wrong thing or you’re using a mod.

If you’re using mods, you need to consult with the mod author and ask them for help.

If not, please clarify whether you meant campfire, large campfire, bonfire, stove, or improved stove. Posting a screenshot of the problem would be even better.


Are you talking about 7DTD [7 Day’s To Die]? you can find a grill to put in your campfire in that game but there are no tools for crafting stations for this game.

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