Platform: PC Cannot cook meat

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Official Testlive
Version: latest)
Problem: Performance | Misc

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After I build a fire pit I can fuel it with wood, but there is no way to add meat, since it is not in inventory.
Please help, this bug is game killing

Repro steps:

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I have similar problem. I can kill all animals that I meet, their bodies are alway empty. So, I can cook meat and I can not continue to progress. It is awfull.

What do you mean by “since it is not in inventory.”?
Are you saying you don’t have any meat to add to the campfire?

Add wood and meat to the campfire and then click the Play button at the top to start cooking.

Oh I think I understand. You don’t loot meat like you loot stuff from humans.
Use a hatchet or a cleaver on the body to get meat. Use a skinning knife if you need pelts or hides.

Corpses are basically resource nodes for you to use tools on.