Stove doesn't cook raw meat (moved to suggestions)

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I’m not entirely sure this is a bug, and if it’s not, I’ll move this to the suggestions thread. Why can’t a stove simply cook meat as if a bonfire would?
I mean, either way, it’s not the biggest issue in the world, but I just feel like it makes no sense for it not to. not to mention it just kind of looks weird to have to place a bulky campfire when you don’t feel like making full on meals.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place raw meat on Stove along with Coal
  2. Start stove
  3. Nothing is produced

A stove is for learned recipes. A fire pit or bonfire will cook plain raw meat

It’s not a bug but I don’t like it too. Looks silly - we have a stove but have to waste space and build a fireplace alongside with it. All those recipes must be added to the “Stove” feat, so we’ll cook gruel, feral flesh and all the other things at the fireplace and then we’ll have the same recipes to cook them on the stove.


I figured it was intentional, I’ll move this to suggestions to not clog up the bugs if anyone wants to continue the conversation.

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Hello @blunadz6196, although this is intentional we’ll be sure to register your feedback!

I appreciate the response! I’ve continued my thoughts on the suggestions page. I guess I just kind of hoped it was just a bug is all. :joy: I just personally feel like a button for each meat on the stove would/could simplify cooking, even in the slightest.


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