Campfire won't light

Hi😊 Here are 2 shelters I built so far!!

Hi Brenda, and welcome back! If memory serves me correctly, you were on ps4 too…? If so and you already have the wood in your Large Campfire, simply let the cursor rest anywhere in its menu, then press L2 to start and stop its burning. If that doesnt do the trick then just let us know ok.


^ this.

Few patches back, they removed the ablilty to hover cursor over play and stop. But L2 still works as on/off.

I thought as much hey Sera, but I just was not completely sure, as I have just never really done it that way.

me neither, I always used l2.

Then one day, everyone started complaining about it after patch, and I was like “WAIT-WHAT!?” You could click that!!!

Went to my Brother ps4 (who doesnt play or update the game) sure enough, you could click it back then. XD

I got it thanks!!:blush:

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