Campfires Prioritize the Wrong Fuel

Game mode: Online or Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

When you have a campfire that has both wood and plant fiber, and there is no current fuel source, it will default to burning through all of the plant fiber as fuel. This is obviously annoying when you’re trying to create gruel, for example. It should prioritize fuel sources so that plant fiber is the LAST fuel source that it chooses, not the first.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a campfire
  2. Add wood and plant fiber
  3. Start the fire
  4. Watch it burn through the plant fiber

I would say that plant fiber is NOT fuel at all… try to burn fresh grass or leaves just torn off bushes. Moreover, does anyone use plant fiber as fuel on purpose? There are lots of branches everywhere just on the ground - better fuel than wood.

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As i know dryed wood is best fuel, also coal is easy to get

I understand his point,but my problem is that when you have more fuel types it dont automaticly swap, so you have to start it again

If they add auto fuel swap, wich prioritize durable fuel would be great, and auto swap too

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True, but one could say the same about freshly chopped wood - it’s not going to burn nicely unless you chuck it in an already roaring fire.

Oil is even easier, once you get to the requisite level (28 for the press).


i guess it depends if you where you take that, in desert and aird climate it would burn easily cus it be dryed, in real life they need 1 rain per year

but its true that fresh grass burn rly bad, i saw some kids in neighbor try smoke it as weed… cant burn it xD

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I agree with op here. And not just campfires, but furnaces and firebowl cauldrons too.

Anything that consumes flammable types of fuel seems to prioritize the quickest consumable option instead of the most efficient.

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I guess it was made so that campfires and dryers and fluid presses worked with raw materials with the shortest decay timer first (and they do so), but this feature becomes a bug when it comes to fuel types.

I like bark, easy to get and doesn’t burns too quickly.

Heretic! Burn him! (with oil, of course).


Also to add, how about a separate fuel section so I can take the inventory without grabbing the fuel?


Only if you didn;t put plant fibers in the bon fire first :slight_smile:


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