Game mode: [Online | PvE-C]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

When I start a bonfire the first time it eats through the fuel in seconds. I had it filled with branches and what should have taken hours to burn through, took seconds. When I stopped the bonfire and then started it up again it burned through the branches at a normal rate. I have not tried this with any fuel other than branches.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Add branches to a bonfire
  2. Start it
  3. Stop it
  4. Start it again

All the timers are completely messed up, just one of many bugs that are still to be addressed. I’ve put freshly cut meat (!) on the fire and had it instantly turn rancid.

Did you put it on a bonfire? I’ve not had issues with meat on an improved campfire or improved stove. I don’t cook meat or fish on a bonfire.

It was just a small campfire. Had it happen a few times. Not seen it on the bonfire so far. fingers crossed

There seems to be a glitch that happens occasionally when you are crafting anything using fire. So campfires, firebowl cauldrons, furnaces, stoves. You have your fuel in, the material you want to “cook” and you hit start and bam everything is instantly done.

In the case of the food, if you had a large stack of it, it might relegate the earliest done piece to be spoiled as the game is likely counting the full time it would have taken to make all that cooked meat.

I had this once with the dryer, loaded it up with two stacks of bark and wood and it became instantly done when I pushed the “play” button. Changed the wood to dry wood and resin.

Yeah I just encountered the good side of the bug last night. I had mats for about 400 gruel even though I was only going to make 100. I hit play on the improved campfire and it got all 400 instantly.