Large Campfire Cooks Food Instantaneously

PC, Private Server, PVE, No Mods.

Since patch, my large campfire, now cooks Lobster & Shrimp, instantaneously.

I put the raw food in, click the start button, and they are all cooked, ichor appears, and all the spoiled food appears as well, as if the campfire had been on for 30-60 mins, but it’s been on for less than a second.

Do you have your server setting set to “0” for crafting time? Sounds almost like you do.

No, server is default 1.0. Private server, default settings, PC, no mods.

It seems it has something to due with the decay timers in the game, since patch.

I’ll watch food count down from 7 hours, to decay in a matter of seconds sometimes.

There’s something going on, and I’m sure some one else will start finding problems related to this.

I knew it wasn’t just me. After reading other posts, it seems other people are having the same issues, with other stations working instantaneously. Furnaces was the other posts I read.

This patch was a real mess.

it’s not only you indeed, it happened to me 2 times or 3 as well and apprently several other players on the forum.
i don’t think it’s related to the last patch though since i clearly remember having had this issue at least 1 time a few weeks ago.